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Selected publication (Pubmed ID 19945750):

The RNA binding protein tristetraprolin influences the activation state of murine dendritic cells.
Bros M, Wiechmann N, Besche V, Art J, Pautz A, Grabbe S, Kleinert H, Reske-Kunz AB
Mol Immunol 2010; 47(5): 1161-70.

Following genes are reported:

Ensembl Gene IDDescriptionTargeted byAnalysis Linkout
ENSMUSG00000024190Dual specificity protein phosphatase 1 TTP TargetsShow AREsite entry
ENSMUSG00000027398Interleukin-1 beta Precursor TTP TargetsShow AREsite entry
ENSMUSG00000021250Proto-oncogene protein c-fos TTP TargetsShow AREsite entry