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ENSG00000111725: 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase subunit beta-1 (Homo sapiens)

AMPK beta-1 chain, AMPKb

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Number of protein-coding transcripts corresponding to the submitted sequence identifier: 1
Representative transcript (= transcript with the highest number of ATTTA motifs): ENST00000229328
Total number of distinct positions containing the selected motif ATTTA: 1
Regulation of this mRNA by the RNA-binding proteins TTP, HuR or AUF1 (click here to hide corresponding literature):

Transcript ENST00000229328 (representative transcript)

Length 3' UTR: 1,286 nt
A+T content in 3' UTR: 0.51
RNAplfold output: [ opening energies | probabilities of being unpaired ] (whole transcript)
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ATTTA: 0.66 fold-enrichment
Site 2289-2293:ATTTA (ATTTA)  
Opening energy for the core AUUUA pentamer: 0.51 kcal/mol (short range) / 1.08 kcal/mol (mid range)
Probability of being unpaired for the core AUUUA pentamer: 0.44 (short range) / 0.17 (mid range)
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3' UTR sequence

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Overview conservation analysis

The tree below summarizes the conservation pattern of the detected ARE motifs. Circles indicate genomic MAF alignments, while boxes are used transcript alignments. Signs in grey indicate that the sequence is present in the alignment, but the correpsonding ARE pattern was not detected.