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Bcheck performance

The exponential growth of genome database poses an industrial challenge to the genome annotation. Bcheck wrapper employs subfamily specific models following strategy of ”local to general” and ”selective to general”. In scanning of 887 microbial chromosome sequences from GenBank, over 10 million sample sequences from Global Ocean Sampling Expedition (GOS) and 236 nuclear chromosome sequences, Bcheck has demonstrated decent predictability and efficiency.


rnpB MySql database is designed with hierarchical tree structure implementing preorder tree traversal algorithm to process query efficiently.

Database includes rnpB genes for 1005 microbial organisms, 136 eukaryote organisms and 4756 GOS sample sequences.

Header annotation

	Annotation: Organism     / Genome accession number  / Genomic location   / Strand / Subfamily 
       Example:    Homo_sapiens /  NC_000014.7             / 19881067-19881406  / -1     / nucA